Yes, I am required to make that Star Trek pun.

I love attending science fiction conventions.  I remember the first time I walked into DragonCon, my thought was, “I’m home.” It’s a feeling that I have every time I attend one.  So I try to attend local ones as often as I can, and occasionally make it to one out of the area.  These are the ones I’m attending.

BayCon (May 23 – 26, Santa Clara, CA)

I’ve attended BayCon for five years now.  It’s a good place to have conversations about writing and books.  I plan to be participating in the Masquerade and possibly the Writer’s Workshop if I have something polished in time.

DragonCon (August 29 – September 1, Atlanta, GA)

Four days of mixed media fandom insanity.   If you are a fan of it, be it books, TV shows, movies, comics, anime, or manga, there’s a good chance it’s represented here.  Cosplayers as far as the eye can see.  This is where I go to get autographs of both authors and actors.  Like I mentioned earlier [, this is where the seeds of my first novel were sewn.  I don’t attend this one as often as I’d like because of the travel involved.

Convolution (September 26 – 28, Burlingame, CA)

This is the third Convolution.  While it doesn’t have a Masquerade, it does have a costumed ball.  Being a younger con, it doesn’t have the same vibe that BayCon or DragonCon have, but they are doing very well.  I will have something ready for the Writer’s Workshop if they offer those this year.

If you are near any of these conventions, I highly recommend that you go.  They are a good place to meet people, make contacts, and in general enjoy the feeling of sharing your fannish love with a room full of your new best friends.

I am aware of a few other conventions in the area, as well as a writer’s conference, but scheduling and finances make it impossible for me to attend this year.  I hope to go sometime in the future.

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