What are those voices in my ear?

I’ve listened to various podcasts for several years.  I’m pretty fickle when it comes to listening.  I’ll listen to one, then stop, then resume and maybe go back and hunt them down and listen.  I’ll listen to them mostly when I’m working my day job.  I do massive amounts of data entry, and it makes the time pass.

So what am I listening to?

  • Grammar Girl – It’s been mumble-mumble years since I’ve been in high school, and some of the grammar rules I was taught are pretty dusty from disuse.  While I have a copy of Strunk and White, sometimes it’s just easier to listen to Mignon Fogarty’s friendly voice give you a refresher course on when to use ‘lay’ or ‘lie’ or if that pesky comma is necessary.
  • The Newbie Writer’s Podcast – Another good source for writing information.  Damien Copeman and Catherine Bramkamp focus on people who are publishing or just have published their first book.
  • Writing Excuses –  I’ve learned more about writing from their Hugo Award winning podcasts in 15 minutes than I have from a two-hour class.  Mary Robinette Kowal, Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, and  Dan Wells all bring different takes on the subject they are discussing.

Then there are ones I listen to for inspiration and entertainment –

  • Atlanta Radio Theater Company – This podcast features adaptions science fiction, fantasy, and horror as well as original works done in the style of old time radio broadcasts.  If you are ever in Atlanta and have a chance to attend one of their live events, do not hesitate to do so.
  • The Darkness On The Edge Of Town Radio Show – I love this show for the chemistry that Dave Shraeder, , Tim Dennis, and Mallie Fox have.  More often than not, it sounds like a couple of friends having a discussion about the paranormal.  But despite proclaiming themselves believers, they are not afraid to call bull on their interviewees whose beliefs are even more out there.  However, they do it in a respectful way.
  • Geek Girl Crafts Podcast – A wonderful combination of knitting and nerdom.  What’s not to love?  Half of the podcast is devoted to topics related to science fiction or fantasy, the other half to sewing and knitting.
  • The Horror! –  Public domain broadcasts of paranormal-themed radio shows from the Golden Age of radio provided by Relic Radio.  It’s amazing to me how much atmosphere these stories can pack into a half hour without resorting to graphic gore.  Also it’s fascinating to listen to the old sponsor bits left in the broadcasts.  My personal favorite?  Mr. Host and Mary discussing the virtues of Lipton Tea on The Inner Sanctum.
  • PodCastle – My most recent discovery and my weekly dose of high quality short, fantasy fiction.   Although they have a massive archive available at no charge, I donate monthly to get my fix.  Having a short story I wrote read here  is going to be high on my “I know I made it when” list.
  • Strange Tales – Another Relic Radio production.  This one focuses more on stories that don’t have the paranormal bent, but focus on the unusual and bizarre.  It saddens me to hear how many of the shows are now lost because they were not preserved in one form or another.
  • The Thrilling Adventure Hour – An old time radio show with a modern bent.  Each week features a different portion of their recorded live broadcast, featuring wild west action, superhero adventures, and spooky ghost stories.  These aren’t the shows your grandparents grew up listening to, but they could have been.  You’ll recognize the Work Juice Player’s voices, as well as the guest stars’s.
  • Welcome To Night Vale – This one had me as a loyal listener the moment the City Council announced that we were not to approach the Dog Park.  Twisty and quirky, it’s never failed to entertain me with the twists in logic and normality that are taken for granted as business as usual.  All hail the Glow Cloud!