You’re a wonder, Knit Wonder Woman!

Taken at BayCon 2012 by Bruce, The Greatest American Hero

This knitted costume based on Wonder Woman is the first costume I entered in a masquerade.  I didn’t intend to enter one at all.

January 2012, I came across a pattern on Ravelry called the Wonder Woman Jumper.  I remember watching the television series completely enraptured with Lynda Carter’s portrayal of the Amazon princess.  When I saw this sweater, I fell in love.  There was one problem.

I don’t wear sweaters.  I hate the feeling of sleeves on my arms. I will wear opera length gloves without batting an eyelash.  But give me anything with sleeves and I’ll push the cuffs up to my elbows.  So my first thought was that I would be all over that sweater if it was a tank top.

That was enough to get me thinking.  BayCon was coming up, and it would be an awesome thing to show up wearing.  I designed a very basic tank top,  I did a little research and came across Chris Wass’s Wonder Woman Bodysuit Pattern.  I wasn’t comfortable with a body suit, but I bought it for the eagle emblem.  And if I was making a top, I might as well go make Bulletproof Bracelets, a Golden Lasso of Truth, and a tiara.  To finish off the look, I made a wig and added blue leggings and red cowboy boots.

My mother took one look at the completed outfit and asked, “Don’t they have a costume contest?”  Up to that point, I hadn’t thought about entering the masquerade.  I told her I’d think about it.  After encouragement from my friend Elanor Hughes I took the plunge and entered.  To my shock and amazement I won  not one, not two, but three categories – Most in Character, Best Workmanship, and Best in Show.

Not a bad outcome for a contest I didn’t intend to enter.

This week’s Puff update –
Weekly Apiary Puffs Completed: 1
Total Apiary Puffs Completed: 63
Total Leftover Skeins Busted: 14


In the Bay Area May 23rd through the 26th?  Want to hear about me talk about knitting?  Want to see my latest costume in person?  I will be at BayCon 2014 participating panels on the inspirations and ideas that lead to my Best Workmanship and Best in Show costumes as well as participating in the Variety Show