The Busy Week That Was

It’s been hard for me to focus on writing this week. So this post is going to be about other things I’m doing.

I am in the final stages of putting together my costume for BayCon’s Variety Show.  I’m down to the last few details of adding buttons and velcro and making sure everything hangs the way it should.  What I have to do is small compared to what I have already completed, but is the most daunting.  I also have to write the description for the announcer to read while I am on stage, as well as prepare music.

I’m also making notes for panels I will be giving on Sunday.  Two of the panels I will be doing with other people, so I won’t have much material prepared ahead of time.  The panel I’m doing solo I’m trying to write up notes about dates and facts that I know I’m going to blank out on the moment I’m in front of a crowd.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done panels. I’ve run one or two at smaller cons, and those were more guided conversations than panels.  I was just there to make sure the conversation stayed on topic and everyone who wanted to say something had the chance.  I was pulled into one panel last minute one time – literally.  I was grabbed in the hallway while wearing the Wonder Woman costume and told that I needed to be on the yarn-crafting panel that was starting in five minutes.

In addition to those, I am taking care of a geriatric cat who is nearing her end of her life.  I spent four hours last Sunday with Xena at an emergency vet’s.  She stabilized, but she’s not back to where she was the prior week.  I’m keeping an eye on her, and praying that she remains stable for the next ten days.

So while my brain-cycles are dealing with all that, editing has to be put on the back burner. I feel guilty about doing it, but until the BayCon related stresses pass, I am putting aside editing.  I plan on diving back in after May 27th.