A Long Time Ago In A Yarn Store Far, Far Away…

Giza Secura Baycon 2014 Photo By Chris Castro

My Jedi  Knight Giza Secura was a character I came up with shortly after finishing Kn’tt’r of House Cr’chet.  I had wanted to make a knit lightsaber for a while and the Twilek hat was the perfect touch to make my Jedi unusual.  I designed a robe, an tabard/obi, a belt, and modified a slipper pattern to make boots.  The costume came out almost exactly as I envisioned it.  And while it didn’t win at the BayCon 2014 Variety Show, it was a hit.

My panels were a success.  People asked intelligent questions, and I hope I gave intelligent answers.   I have already been asked to come back present at the 2015 convention.






This week’s Puff update –
Weekly Apiary Puffs Completed: 2
Total Apiary Puffs Completed: 67
Total Leftover Skeins Busted: 15