Change In Scheduling

I’ve been doing some thinking about my blog, and I’m going to be making a few changes in how and when I post. My new plan is I will be posting about my writing on Mondays and a list of things that have caught my eye on Friday. There will be an occasional book reviews posted.

Where does that leave my Wednesday posts about knitting and crocheting? I have posted most of the large projects that I have finished that I want to share here. Here on out, I’ll post projects as I finish them, or an update on my Apiary Puff Quilt.

And Tuesday? Tuesday is a joke. A terrible, terrible joke.


2 Replies to “Change In Scheduling

  1. Sounds like a perfectly fine plan to me. In fact, I commit to write about anything but knitting and crocheting on my own blog on Wednesday’s to fill the void.

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