Happy Blogging Anniversary To Me!

When I looked at the calendar the other day, something rattled in the back of my head.  I was forgetting something, but I couldn’t determine what it was.  No, it wasn’t the 45th anniversary of the Eagle landing at Tranquility Base. It wasn’t until I received a bill for renewing my web host that I realized what anniversary was approaching.

As of July 22nd, I have been blogging for one year.  More importantly to me, I have posted at least once for 51 of those 52 weeks. I have been a member of LiveJournal for over ten years.  I have never been good at consistently updating it.  I would post weekly for a month or so and then go silent for two or three. Because of that history, I had some concerns about if I would find things to write about every week.

My concerns turned out to be unfounded.  As of today I have 109 posts in the blog.  Three of those are guest posts, one book blast, and a note saying there would be no posts that week because of a personal emergency.  I think I’ve done very well.

So what’s coming up?  I’ve got ideas for posts about things that inspired me, tools I’m using to write, cons I will be attending, and a few other things that are tucked up my sleeve.  There will be guest posts every so often also.  I plan to do some tweaking of my site’s design, as soon as I figure out the exact changes I want to make.  And soon I hope to be making announcements about my books.

5 Replies to “Happy Blogging Anniversary To Me!

  1. Happy Blogaversary! May you continue to be as prolific and entertainment. Also, I hope you continue to enjoy writing your blog.

  2. I love how my replies turn out on my phone. Prolific and entertaining! Still, your regular schedule is my goal. So keep at it.

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