Twenty Things You May Never Know About Montgomery Cooper

I was tagged on Facebook by Melissa Snark to respond to the Twenty Things You Will Never Know About Your Character meme.

Twenty Things Meme

I chose Montgomery Cooper, one of the vampires characters from my novel.  So twenty things about Montgomery Cooper you will never know are:

  1. He is based a Vampire the Masquerade Toreador I used to play.
  2. He was originally referred to by his nickname Mac. I came up with his full name of Montgomery Augustus Cooper later.
  3. He only allows one person to call him Mac. Anyone else who tries gets corrected firmly.
  4. He has a living sister whom he is estranged from.
  5. He regrets not having a chance to speak with his father one last time.
  6. Despite being the heir apparent, he had no interest in leadership.
  7. He complains loudly about being forced to watch vampire and werewolf movies, but secretly enjoys them.
  8. He prefers brunettes.
  9. He has a crush on Jensen Ackles.
  10. He has a crush on Carrie-Anne Moss.
  11. He is the resident expert about the local werewolf pack.
  12. He doesn’t like the Alpha of the local werewolf pack.
  13. His favorite car is a black1982 Pontiac TransAm
  14. He remembers watching the Golden Gate Bridge being built.
  15. He was a season ticket holder for the San Jose Sharks.
  16. He prefers dressing in jeans and solid color t-shirts, unless he knows he’s meeting with his sire.
  17. He has only been in the states of California and Washington.
  18. He will never admit it to anyone, but does enjoy the music of Nickelback.
  19. He has never been scuba diving.
  20. He does not understand the concept of texting versus email.


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