Convolution Schedule

Because I’m at Convolution next weekend, I’m putting my blog on hiatus through October 3rd.  Why you ask?  Because I’m going to be too busy to write up stuff for it.  How busy will I be?

Here’s my schedule for the panels I’ll participating in as a guest –

2:00 PM – Beyond Who Scarves And Jayne Hats
7:00 PM – Meet The Guests

4:00 PM – How To Pack For Far-away Conventions
8:00 PM – Masquerade

2:00 PM – Dice On The Page

Don’t let the sparseness of the schedule fool you.  For example, I have to be in a Masquerade pre-meeting/walk through in the morning,  I will also be having my latest manuscript shredded critiqued in addition to  a three hour Writer’s Workshop.  Then I am off to present at the How To Pack panel, to be followed by throwing on my costume for the Masquerade.  The rest of the time I will be bouncing around other panels, the vendor’s room, and doing silly things like eating and sleeping.  It will be a busy weekend.

I will be presenting at my first panel ever as a writer, allowing me to check off number three on my “I’ve Made It” list.   I’m trying hard not to panic over the fact that I’m sharing the panel with real, live, published authors, some of whom I’ve read.  More on that feeling later.

Because of the time I’ll need to prepare, and how little free time I have at the con, I’ll be putting the blog on hiatus after Friday, September 26th.  Then normal posts officially resume on Monday, October 6th with Things That Go Bump In The Night, but I might squeeze in something earlier.

If you’re at Convolution, please find me and say hi.  You’ll be able to spot me easily.  I’ll be the one wearing something made out of yarn.