Convolution – Still Half Way Home

I’m back from Convolution 2014.  This year’s theme of Halfway Home describes how I’ve been feeling since Sunday afternoon leaving the hotel.  I’m still reintegrating into my everyday life.

My original plans were to write up a blow-by-blow of what I did at Convolution, much like I did for DragonCon.  But the more I try, the more things blur together.  Instead, I can only try to capture the impressions and memories as they flow by.

I ran into so many people I knew such as Elanor Hughes, Setsu Uzume, Arley Sorg, and Sally Rose Robertson.  And that was within the first ten minutes after registering.  Over the course of the con, I ran into Erin Metcalf, Melissa Snark, Jean Batt, Jennifer Carson, Denise Tanaka, Carolyn Hill, and so many other people that I’m forgetting at this moment.  I wish I had pictures, but I was constantly on the go and didn’t think to take any.  Fortunately, someone else did.

I have flashes of emotion that I know I will always remember.  Trying to keep from devolving into a puddle of uncertainty when it finally sunk in that I was presenting at a panel with Michael Stackpole, Marie Brennan, and Lon Sarver.  Pointing out various landmarks from the window on the 8th floor of the hotel to Tanya Huff and  Carrie Sessarego.  Erin’s expression of shock when it was announced that she won the Best Workmanship award at the Masquerade for her Plague Doctor costume.  Following her onstage a few minutes later when it was announced that I won Best Recreation for my Jedi Giza Secura costume.  The expression on Lillian Csernica’s face when I took off the costume headpiece and she realized that I had been in her Writer’s Workshop earlier that day.

Speaking of the Writer’s Workshop, it gave me some badly needed insight into what is wrong with my story.  My deepest thanks to Lillian, M. Christian, Jon Del Arroz, Brian Buhl, and Elanor Hughes for all the feedback and suggestions on how to improve the story.  I greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into your reviews, and can only hope that my feedback was as helpful.  Also many thanks to Wanda Kurtcu for doing a wonderful job organizing it again this year.

Also mad props to all the staff and volunteers running things both up front and behind the scenes.  All cons have bumps in the road and unforeseen problems.  The fact that we don’t know about them until the Hiss and Purr panel at the end of the con tells us how great of a job you are doing keeping them to a minimum.  You all take too much of the blame and not enough of the praise.  Well done!

All in all, I had a wonderful three days surrounded by people who are passionate about their slice of the community we call fandom.  Halfway home?  No.  This weekend, I was completely home.  I am looking forward to returning next year to Convolution 2015: Legion

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