Starting Week Two And I’m Behind

For the most part I been on schedule for NaNoWriMo, chugging away at turning out my 1667 words. Sometimes I have managed to produce a little more. I have been consistent through Wednesday of last week, until I had to break my pattern.  This may be my downfall.

I didn’t make my goal Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  On Sunday I managed to make my word count, but not much extra to make up for the other three days.  While I had a guest post in place for Friday the 7th, I needed to write at least three posts for this week – this one, my Friday Links, and a post for a blog hop I promised to be part of.  I had themes for two of them and the third will only take five minutes since I do it over the course of the week.  But with the full time day job, taking care of my mother who threw her back out, and a gathering of friends all day Saturday, I won’t I have much time for writing anything.

Yes, I know.  I could have pre-written the one for the blog hop when I was first asked in early October. At the time my brain didn’t pay attention to my writing schedule because of a stressful project at the day job that is due on November 10th. At least I have the idea for the post and most of what I want to say.  I just need to spend time pounding the keyboard.

My plan is to try to play catch up over the course of this week.  Instead of 1667 words, I’m going to try to write 2000. It should catch me up in time to fall behind again in time for Thanksgiving. Seriously. Who chose a month with 30 days and two national holidays in it for such a time intensive event?

Will I be able to catch up?  I’m not sure.  Probably yes. But if things go right, I will have a new distraction at home starting around Thanksgiving.  I’m not going to say much about it at the moment, just because I’m superstitious enough to want to not jinx it. But if you’ve seen my occasional tweet, you probably already know what I’m hinting at.

You’ll be able to track my progress in the calendar at the right.  I hope to keep the red days to a minimum.