2014 Resolutions – Successes and Failures

Here’s the review of my 2014 resolutions.  I reviewed them back in July, and it’s interesting to compare where I was then and where I am now –

  • Write more consistently every day
    • Fail – I’ve gotten into and fallen out of the habit of writing each day.  I’ve created a spreadsheet to spur me on.
  • Finish a final draft of the first novel
    • Fail –  I’m working on a fifth draft which I think will be it.  I know I have said that before.  This time I am keeping in mind that “Perfect is the enemy of good.”
  • Come up with a series name
    • Success, sorta – I have a book name I am currently using.  It might change into a series name.
  • Finish a second and third draft of the second novel
    • Fail – This didn’t happen at all.  Moving it to 2015
  • Finish a first draft of the third novel
    • Fail – Not even close.  Probably 2016 at this rate
  • Do research on becoming represented by an agent
    • Success, sorta – I have a few that I’m eyeing for when I have something to publish.
  • Do research on submitting directly to publishers
    • Success, sorta – I have read a few sites and bookmarked the info for when I’m ready.
  • Do research on self-publishing
    • Success, sorta – Read about it and talked to a few self-published authors.  Still have a lot more research to do.
  • Become more active on Twitter
    • Success, sorta – I tweet as time allows.  I need to get a bit better.
  • Set up a Facebook profile
  • Become active on Goodreads
    • Fail – Haven’t really done a lot with Goodreads, mostly because I haven’t been reading as much.
  • Start posting twice a week on my blog
    • Success – I had it up to three times a week for a while. That cut into my writing time.  I’ve backed it down to two.
  • Start posting book reviews consistently
    • Fail – I’m changing my mind about doing book reviews at this time..
  • Find a writing group either online or in realspace to join
    • Fail – The day job and having to care for my mother means I can’t guarantee that I can attend things consistently.

Seven out of fourteen kept.  Not bad considering I’m not good at keeping resolutions.