Writing Goals and Resolutions for 2015

These are my writing goals and resolutions for 2015 –

  • Write more consistently every day
    • Current goal is to be hitting 500 words a day consistently.  We’ll see. Note: So far I’ve kept it.  We’ll see if it sticks.
  • Read more books for pleasure
    • My ‘to read’ pile was taller than I was before I started writing.  It’s only grrown.  My goal is to read at least a book a month for pleasure.
  • Finish a final draft of the first novel
    • I need to lock down the story elements.  Most have been done, but several scenes need to be rewritten from different perspectives.
  • Submit the final draft of the first novel
    • At this point, I have decided I will submit my novel a few places before I self-publish
  • Rewrite the first draft of the second novel
    • First draft was written during NaNoWriMo 2013 and is mostly unusable. The draft needs to be scrapped and restarted.
  • Rewrite fanfic short story
    • First draft is still too close to the fandom it was drawn from.  It needs a major overhaul.
  • Submit fanfic rewrite
    • I’m going to try submitting this one a few places also.
  • Gear up my social media presences
    • I’m getting better about Tweeting.  I need to become more active on Facebook.  I’ll look into if it’s worth posting to Google+ and setting up an Ello account.
  • Find a writing group either online or in realspace to join.
    • I’ve got a core group of beta readers I can turn to, but it’s not quite the same as hearing a realtime critique.

Ambitious?  Maybe, but I want to aim high.  I’l be very happy if I’m able to make half of these.

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