Convention Schedule For 2015

Here are the conventions I know I will be attending this year.  I am planning to be attending these as a member at this point.

FogCon – March 6th – 8th  Technically, this will be the second year I am attending.  I managed to get to it last year for Sunday for one panel.  Because of day job obligations, I won’t be getting up there until later Friday night.

BayCon – May 22nd – 24th  This year’s theme is Women of Wonder.  You bet at some point I will be wearing my hand knit Wonder Woman costume.  This year the con is shorter than priors years, so it will be concentrated awesome.

Sasquan/Worldcon 73 – August 19th – 23rd  This will be my first Worldcon.  I’m driving up with a group of people including Elanor Hughes, Jennifer Carson, and Denise Tananka.  This is going to be the first road trip I’ve had in a while.  I’ll be exhausted by the time I’m done, but it will be worth it.

Convolution – October 2nd – 4th I am looking forward to the fourth Convolution.  Every time I find something new and awesome at this con.

I’ll be attending a few other events like Stitches West and the San Jose Fantasy Faire in my non-author persona.  I’ll update my schedule as things change.