FOGCon 2015 Writeup

I attended FOGCon last weekend and had a very relaxed and enjoyable experience.  It wasn’t technically my first time at the con.  Last year I attended Sunday only.  This year I was there from Friday night through Sunday.

I say most because I didn’t arrive until Friday night after a horrible commute.  My day job requires me to be on site the first ten days of the month, so I wasn’t able to take Friday off.  I left work at 4:30 and arrived there at 6:30, just in time to get dinner and hang out with some friends I hadn’t seen since Convolution last November.  I registered, attended a reading, and then headed back to the bar to hang out with my friends and make some new ones.

Saturday was a busy day.  I was rushing around, but not because I was involved in the Writer’s Workshops or that I had a masquerade to prepare for.  Instead there were non-stop panels, sometimes two or three at the same time, that I wanted to attend.  I did find time to browse the Dealer’s Room between panels and meals.  Of course I ended up in a long conversation with the one who was knitting socks between customers.  Once the panels were done for the evening, I spent more time hanging out in the bar.  I find that highly amusing that I spent so much time at the bar because I don’t drink.

Sunday I meant to attend more panels, but instead got sucked into a writing circle. I wrote a thousand words, but more importantly, reconnected with and made new friends.  I did attend the feedback panel.  Then it was time to go after one last goodbye.

All in all it was a fun, low-key weekend. Perhaps it’s because I wasn’t there to perform in a masquerade or have my work critiqued in a writer’s workshop, or speak on a panel, but I felt like the pressure wasn’t on me, a welcome relief. I have already bought my membership for next year, and look forward to attending.