BayCon Schedule

Another piece of the costume revealed.
Another piece of the costume revealed.

I will be at BayCon 2015 – Women Of Wonder from May 22nd through 24th.  Want to meet me?  You can find me at the following places for certain.

7:00 PM – Variety Show
Come see my latest creation made of yarn, sweat, and tears.  Stay for the lip-syncing by the Con Chairs of both BayCon and Convolution!

11:30 AM – Plus-Size Cosplay
Most people do not match the body type of the character they want to portray.   Listen to us talk about how we deal with it.

1:00 PM – Cosplay Characterization
Learn how to wear the costume and not let the costume wear you.

You can also find me wandering around and in and out of panels starting early Friday and ending late Sunday.  I hope to see you there.