Mid Year Review Of My Writing Goals

It’s time for a revisit of the writing goals I set in January.

  • Write more consistently every day
    • Gotten off track slightly.  I’m averaging 500 words a day on the days I write.  I’m still working on the every day part.
  • Read more books for pleasure
    • My ‘to read’ pile has grown even more.  But I have read eight books so far this year.
  • Finish a final draft of the first novel, Chaos Wolf
    • Half way done.  My goal now is to have another draft done before I go to WorldCon.  After that, it’s polish pass.
  • Submit the final draft of Chaos Wolf
    • Not there yet.
  • Rewrite the first draft of the second novel, Chaos Wolf’s Sequel
    • Haven’t touched the novel yet.
  • Rewrite fanfic short story
    • Still need to overhaul this
  • Submit fanfic rewrite
    • Not even close.
  • Gear up my social media presences
    • I’m still working on tweeting.  Haven’t even looked into other platforms too deeply yet.
  • Find a writing group either online or in realspace to join.
    • I haven’t done this yet.  Right now time is an extremely limited commodity, so I’m trying to find an online one to participate in.  I have few suggestions about ones to join and am going to look into them.

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