Fixing One Problem Caused A Dozen Others

Okay, I’ll admit that the subject line is an overstatement.  It does accurately express how I feel.

I’ve gotten back into working on Chaos Wolf.  One of the comments I received from many people is that i need to increase the sex tension between the two main characters earlier in the story.  I also need to show my heroine Jordan attempting and failing at something important earlier.  Two birds, one stone, I thought.  I had a scene that happened further on that could take care of what I needed.  I have a a spot where bring it forward and have it make logical sense in terms of the flow of the story.  I sat down and wrote it Friday night.

First, I cannibalized the later scene.  I left notes about what needed to be rewritten. Obviously I can’t have two practically identical scenes.  Then I realized that there is fall out that needs to be shown in the scene after that, and the scene after that.  At the moment I have four scenes that I have to add things to, and two that need to major rewrites.

I figured changes would need to be made.  I didn’t foresee the extent of them.  At least most of them will be happening going forward instead of areas I have already.  It’s just one more thing on my list of things to look for as I’m working.

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