Brain Cramps

While at Con-Volution Friday night, Melissa Snark and I discussed a problem I saw coming up in my story.  I intend for Chaos Wolf to be a multi-book series.  I am sketching out the ideas for the follow up books.  I told her I was having a problem deciding which of the characters were going to have a major plot point as in their background.  Instantly, she said “It’s obvious it’s [redacted],” naming a character I haven’t even considered for the role.

I have one of three reactions when I have been given suggestions like this one.  The first is I love it and embrace it.  That didn’t happen.  The second is that I outright reject it.  That didn’t happen either.  The third reaction is that, as I put it, my head hurts.  My brain will seize up like cogs with a crowbar jammed into them.  Melissa said that it was the funniest thing to watch, because my eyes circled in my head before I buried my head in my pillow.

I’ve been turning the idea over and over, spinning out the implications.  Making [redacted] would cause some rewriting of his background, but no major changes to what I’ve already written.  In a way it solves a second problem nagging at my brain. It also creates a hosts of new ones.

I attended Jennifer Carson’s panel about knowing when to accept feedback and when to discard it.  I’ve learned that when my brain cramps at a suggestion, it means that there is something about that idea that I need to dig into.  It may not fix the problem, but it may be a stepping stone to the solution.  So while I may not fully trust my reaction, I’m going to be paying attention to it.