Cons for 2016

I’m working on my schedule for this year. “By working on” means that I’m preparing to ask for those days off of my day job.  This is tricker than it sounds because I work for a private utility reporting to a state agency.  There are days I cannot ask for off due to when reports have to be turned in.  DragonCon this year is a prime example.  The fact that it falls on the first through the fifth of the month means that I cannot go.

As of this moment, I have four conventions on my calendar for this year.

FOGcon (March 11-13) – I will be going as an attendee.  I’m participating in the Writer’s Workshop, but I will not be on any panels.

BayCon (May 17-30) I have been invited back as a guest.  I’ve suggested several costume-centric panels, but I am requesting to be on writing panels.  I will be in the Talent Show.  I will announce more details when they are confirmed.

Mid America Con II/Worldcon 74 (August 17-21) I made plans to go the moment they announced that Kansas City, Missouri won the bid.   Like last year, I’ll participate in the Masquerade and possibly participate in the writer’s workshop. That area is where both sides of my family come from, so it feels in a way that I’m going back to my roots.  I’ll be spending a few extra days to visit some areas that are connected to my family.

Con-Volition (September 30 – October 2) – It’s a little too soon to know for certain, but most likely I will  I will only be participating in the Masquerade.  Depending on what I have in development and assuming I am not a panelist, I may be in the writer’s workshop.

There are a few other events that I am thinking about attending.   I may end up going to Silicon Valley Comic Con for a day. I would love some year to go down to Condor in February or LosCon over Thanksgiving weekend.  It depends on how my budget and schedule are looking in the future.

Anyone know of any other ones in California I should check out?