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  1. With so many folks my age dying I feel like time is short. I have so many projects and things I want to reread, along with hundreds of unread books on my toberead pile and then there is the other pile of books I want to buy and read (should I win the lottery and live long enough). So today I find myself with six books on the go and instead I am rereading Torch’s North-West Passage. Yep, back into X-Files fan fiction. I belong to Goodreads and decided that I would make zines one of my categories so any story that is long enough to qualify as a novel and has a public presence on line and has cover art…I put it in Goodreads. Is there cover art of any kind for Loup Garou and would you mind my putting it on Goodreads if I reread it sometime this year? Waving from Barrie. Temperature is -13C with windchill even more and yesterday we had drift of snow. On the other hand, I have seen a robin and the lake is open water, spring is close…I can smell it.

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