Poking At Things

This has been another rough week at home.  The day job was more stressful than usual since this is a quarter end, and I had to generate more reports than usual.  Mom had a new medical issue pop up that we are having looked at closely.  And my sister pointed out a discolored patch in the ceiling that indicated we had a leak in the roof.

So yeah, writing is mostly by the wayside this week.  I’ve been poking at various stories without much progress while I wait to hear back on a few things I have out.  I’ve signed up for a plotting class that I hope will help me get through a problem I’m having with the book I want to be writing.

Hoot McCute
Hoot McCute

Speaking of poking, I have added a new skill to my crafting set.  I have learned how to needle felt.  Needle felting involves poking a hank of wool with a sharp needle over and over.  You can create a 2-D design to put on your sweaters.  Or in my case I created a Woolbuddy owl, which I promptly named Hoot McCute. It was very therapeutic to stab something for a solid two hours and have the result be creation instead of destruction.

I think that is one thing I’ve needed that I don’t have lately.  I need a finished product that I can put my hands around.  I’m working on my costume for Baycon and it’s no where near done.  I have a book that I’m sending queries on, but it lives in the cloud, not something I can reach out and touch.  I haven’t figured out how to get around feeling that I need to poke at it some more.  I’ve been told that it never goes away, even when the book is out in the wild. It will be interesting to see if that’s accurate when that day comes.

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  1. Hope your mom’s problem is not serious. Hope you get a good answer on book. I just read Loup Garou and, as usual, am wishing there was more. I want Amanda back with her parents and the Consortium in ashes.

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