BayCon 2016

Last weekend I spent with my friends and chosen family at BayCon.  It felt like both returning home and a new convention.

The prior BayCon’s I had attended were at the Hyatt at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The construction of Levi Stadium caused that hotel to no longer be an option, so the con moved back to the San Mateo Marriott Hotel.  This was my first year what is lovingly nicknamed the M. C. Escher hotel, due to the fact that there is a second floor for the convention rooms, and a second floor for the hotel rooms, neither of which are accessible by the same set of elevators.  Once I had that figured out, navigating the rest of the con was smooth sailing.

This convention I was asked to be there as a costumer.  Friday, I had a great time swapping stories with Jean Batt and Denise Tanaka in Costuming With Nontraditional Materials.  I can neither confirm nor deny that a knit tribble may have been flung into the audience.  Then I was off to Cosplay Is Not Consent with Anastasia Hunter and Jean Batt to speak about the best ways to interact with people wearing costumes. Then I scampered off to String Theory where instead of ribbons, I gave out a pattern for a Crochet Badge Necklace I developed. I spoke about my costumes and other nerdy things I have made, or as much as I could since I was then losing my voice. Not surprising since I did three panels back-to-back-to-back.  I’ve learned my lesson to never do that again.

Courtesy of Denise Tanaka

Saturday I did not have any panels I was on.  I did go to the Klingon 101, How Can Science Fiction And Fantasy Blend Well, and Costume In Fiction.  Then I scooted upstairs to prepare for the Variety Show.  Cruella De Vil was a hit, but I could not compete with the power of the Dark Side of the Cute.  Top costuming award went to Denise Tanaka and Eudora dressed as General Leia Organa and Kylo Ren.

Cruella De Vil Back
Courtesy of Denise Tanaka

Sunday was another panel-less day.  I sat in on Fantasy Tropes, Beyond Olympus and Asgard, A Chat With Lawrence Schoen, A Chat With David Gerrold, spent too much money at the Charity Auction supporting SETI, and laughed hysterically at the Let’s Pretend We’re Famous panel.  I did a circuit of the party floor and discovered the free books at the Zine Room.  They jumped into my arms!  I swear!

Monday things wound down.  At Is Serial Fiction Right For You, I lost a D-20 roll off to Steve Mix.  I tried not to fangirl too hard at A Chat With The Library Bards, who remembered me as Maleficent from the prior Con-volution. My final panel of the con was one I was on with  Chris O’Halloran and John O’Halloran, Are Cons Good For Your Health.  I made it through Closing Ceremonies, but was too wiped out to attend Hiss And Purr.

This doesn’t include all the meals shared, getting hugs as I passed old friends on the way to panels, and making new friends. All in all, it was an enjoyable weekend.

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  1. It was great seeing you at BayCon! I’m looking forward to the next con, and I’m curious what you’ll do to top your Cruella De Vil coat.

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