This week I haven’t gotten much done in terms of writing.

I’ve been riding a wave of energy since I got back from BayCon.  This week it collapsed.  It has partially to do with coming home to discover my mother was having problems walking.  A visit to her doctor revealed nothing specific, but we have the suspicion she pinched a nerve .  She’s slowly recovering, but she can’t stand for more than a few minutes at a time.

I’ve had to pick up the slack.  I’m also taking an online class over the course of the next month, so I’ve been busier than usual.  Something had to give.  Of course, it was my back.

So I’ve been hobbling around, thinking that I could do something for the blog about writing through pain, how it robs you of focus and saps your energy.  And then I woke up to news of the mass shooting in Orlando.

Suddenly, being in pain isn’t so bad.

Donate at Pulse Tragedy Community Fund GoFundMe campaign  started by The Center  of Orlando.