Real Life Strikes Again

So just when I thought life would calm down a bit, it slapped me across the face.

Two weeks ago, Sherbert started showing signs of being sick.  Cats are referred to as ‘stoic in nature’ when it comes to pain.  Since my mother is home more than I am, she noticed it first.  Sherbert was trying to use the litter box without any success.  A visit to the vet later and we had a confirmation of a urinary tract infection and medications to give her.

In addition to that, some of my job requirements have changed.  We have a new state-mandated way to create and submit reports.  It will save time, for the people on the receiving end.  For those of us who create the reports, that’s another story entirely.  So for the last two weeks, my focus has been serving to get home, catch Sherbert and give her the needed medicines, and getting sleep.

Add those onto other things going on, I was pulled to my breaking point. Then the unthinkable happened.  The modem crashed and could not be rebooted by tech support.   So for my sanity, I took the week off from blogging.

The good news is that we’re looking into ways to make the reporting simpler.  The modem was eventually fixed.  And most importantly, Sherbert has been given a clean bill of health.  I won’t say that things will calm down since I’m now less than a month away from Worldcon.  Preparing for it has it’s whole set of stresses that I’m not wanting to think about at the moment.  But things should slow down for the moment.  Or so I hope.