What I’m Writing

I was informed that while I’m talking a lot about writing, I haven’t talked about what I am writing.  Allow me to remedy that.

  • Chaos Wolf – complete(?) Urban fantasy about a werewolf raised by vampires.  I have queried this without success and am tweaking the beginning.
  • Lucy Harker, Vampire Hunter – first draft in progress.  Urban fantasy.  Lucy Harker, (yes, a descendant of those Harkers), has to figure out who is trying to reignite hostilities between vampires and humans, who killed her twin sister, and is trying to kill her.
  • Secret Project – first draft in progress.  Paranormal romance. I can’t talk about this one yet.
  • Chaos Hunt – First draft in progress.  urban fantasy.  Sequel to Chaos Wolf.

I also have two short stories I’m attempting to find homes for, and a third that I need to rewrite.

The only thing you’ll be seeing soon is Reading the Leaves in the Alterna-Teas anthology.  I’ll have more information about that when it’s available.