My Upgraded Silicon Brains

I’ve written in the past about the technology I use to write.  Not much has changed on the Mac side.  I’m moved back to using Scrivener linked to Dropbox for writing my rough drafts.  When I’m ready to do final edits, I move to Apple Pages to make the fine changes for short stories.

There has been a large change in how I use my iPad. Circus Ponies Notebook is no longer in business and Literature and Latte finally released Scrivener for iOS.  I decided to give it a trial-by fire.  Combined with a Bluetooth keyboard, I took my iPad only to my trip to Worldcon and left my laptop at home.  I was sure that I would regret not bringing along the laptop.

I was wrong.  Scrivener on my iPad performed flawlessly.  I worked on several project, both new and in progress.  My only issue is unlike the computer version, it does not auto-save to Dropbox.  I have to remember to manually sync the iPad version.  It’s lead to a few times when I’ve panicked thinking I’ve lost several hours of writing.  Then I’ve regained it by hitting one button.

There are a few functions I miss, like the random name generator.  But they are minor complaints versus what I’ve been doing to write using my iPad in the past.  If for some reason I wouldn’t be able to use my computer to write with ever again, I feel that I could continue writing using my iPad.