What I’m Writing – January 2017 Edition

I had a relative dearth of writing during the month of December. Mostly it was because of family issues and holiday things that I discussed last week.  So here’s where I stand at the moment

In Progress

  • Chaos Wolf – Urban Fantasy Novel. I’m working on an edit pass. I need to have finished for a submission window opening February 1st.  I’m also work on the query letter.
  • Hired Work – I have a writing job!  I’ve been hired to write short, short stories for items for sale on a website.  I’m about 30% of the way through the assignment.
  • Radiant Shadows – Urban fantasy novel. A friend has approached me about co-writing a story.  We are in the world-building and character-building stages.  We’ll see where it goes.

On Hold –

  • Lucy Harker, Vampire Hunter –  Urban fantasy novel. It’s been on pause while I work on Chaos Wolf.  I puzzled out a solution to a problem that had developed, but that will require me to rewrite a huge chunk.  I’m going to wait until I get Chaos Wolf out before I restart it.
  • Chaos Hunt –  Urban fantasy novel.  Once Chaos Wolf is out on submission again I’ll start  working on it again.
  • Hummingbird –  Short story.  Needs to be rewritten entirely. Plan on working on it in March.

And before I forget, Denise, turn off your alerts!