My First Author Reading

Sunday was another first for me.  I took part in my first author reading.

Denise Tanaka was kind enough to arrange for us a reading for the book club that met at The Golden Tea Garden.  In addition to myself and Denise were ElizaBeth Gilligan, Kevin Andrew Murphy, and Carolyn Hill. Also in attendance were writers Elanor Hughes, Melissa Snark, Wanda Kurtcu, Jennifer Carson. 

I will admit that I thought I was ready for my reading.  I wasn’t quite.  I stumbled a bit while talking, but read the first few pages of my story.  And I enjoyed the other authors reading while drinking yummy teas related to our stories.  Also, one of the book club also was a knitter, and we spent time chitchatting about our various projects.

All in all, it was a fun afternoon of fiction with friends.