I’m very good at making things like deadlines.  Making sure I hit them is another matter entirely.

Case in point.  Right now I am frantically knitting away at the costume for the masquerade at BayCon.  This is a deadline I’ve known about since this time last year when I first had the idea for the costume.   I’ve been doing a lot of planning in my head, but haven’t really kicked into high gear since the beginning of April, partially due to setbacks in my real life. There were several weeks in a row that I told myself “I can start that next week.”

Now that time is gone and I am trying to make it up.  My fingers have calluses that can attest to that.  I’m looking at the list of things I need to get done for the costume that I can knock out quickly or purchase instead.

Writing has taken a similar path.  I’ve been able to put out these blog posts consistently.  I have one hard deadline at the end of July, which I will keep since it is a paying job.  The rest keep sliding into the future, like Lucy Harker, Vampire Hunter, and Chaos Hunt, the sequel to Chaos Wolf. I need to get those back on track.

The problem is I only have so many free hours per day to devote to knitting or to writing. So for the moment, heavy writing is put on hold.  I’ll keep up blogging cause the Friday Links take me all of five minutes to throw together and next week will be my announcement about where to find me during BayCon.  After BayCon I am putting the focus back on writing and getting Chaos Wolf ready for publication. Hopefully this time, the deadlines won’t slip.