What I’m Working On – May 2017 Edition

The answer to the question “What are you writing?” is not that much.

Like I said in my last post, I’m catching up on my costume.  I’m closer, but I have at least a week’s worth of work to finish, as well as a script and music to take care of.  I should be done in time for BayCon, but it’s going to be close.

So most my writing is currently On Hold –

  • Chaos Hunt –  Urban fantasy novel.  Scratched notes for some tweaks to its current outline.  Once Chaos Wolf is completely locked down I will start working on this one in earnest.
  • Chaos Wolf – Urban Fantasy Novel. It’s being read by a beta-reader. Looking around to hire a developmental editor
  • Hummingbird –  Short story.  Haven’t looked at it yet.  I may ice this one for a while until the short story bug bites again.
  • Lucy Harker, Vampire Hunter –  Urban fantasy novel. After BayCon, I will finish the first draft.
  • Project Fang – Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance novel.  Co-written with a friend.  Paused until I can finish up the costume.  Probably will resume after BayCon.
  • Radiant Shadows – Urban fantasy novel. Co-written with a friend.  Waiting for feedback from the first part of outline and trying to figure out the rest of the plot.

In Progress –

  • Root Inspirations – I’ve been rehired.  I’m working away at another set of ten descriptions for coloring pages.
  • Thin Red Line – Urban fantasy novel. Co-written with a friend. Plugging away with it at about a rate of 300 words a day.  Those are my words, not hers.  At the moment, it’s the only thing keeping me sane.  Julie would be highly amused by that statement.

Basically, I’ve got a lot of work that I’m pushing off until after BayCon.  Then instead of having calluses on the sides of my fingers from knitting, they’ll be on the tips from typing.

Before I forget, Denise Tanaka has released her new book Truth In Cinders.  Go buy it!  It’s awesome.