The Quick And Dirty BayCon Update

I went to BayCon and had fun, but came home with an epic case of Con Crud that is trying to turn into bronchitis.  So a few quick points before I toddle back to a cough medication induced haze.

I won Best in Show for my X-Wing Pilot costume.  Carolyn Hill has awesome pictures of me and Denise Tanaka in her costume on her website.  I’ll get some up once I’m able to think clearly and get permission to post a few more pictures.  It’s hard to take shots of yourself when you’re in costume.

I had an awesome time hanging out with all my friends.  My hobbies-for-writers panel seemed to go over well, so I’ll keep it in my back pocket for future cons.  The co-writer panel was also a lot of fun, and for once I didn’t feel like an imposter when I spoke.  The Match Game was a lot of fun.  The fanart panel was a lot of fun and brought back memories of my time in the X-File fandom.

Unfortunately, I came home feeling a bit off.  By late in the evening, I had a plugged up nose and began the  process of coughing up my lungs.  Docs have seen fit to give me medicine, so I’m now going in an out of a mental haze. I’ll try to do a deeper writeup when I’m not so fuzzy headed.

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