Clawing My Way Back To Health

I’m still recovering from con crud.  It hit so bad that I haven’t been able to go back to the day job.  I finally turned a corner on Wednesday night when I was able to get six hours uninterrupted sleep.  Still, this has been the cold from hell.  With any luck, I’m returning to the day job today. At least it didn’t become bronchitis.

It has severely sapped my energy, to say the least.  I’ve been picking at things that I intended to get done after the con, and managed to accomplish a few.  They all involve writing, but none of them involve actual putting words on paper.  So my word counts are still at the levels they were before BayCon.  I hope I can get things scheduled out to something closer to normal this week.

In the mean time, my friend ElizaBeth Gilligan has released the third book in her Silken Magic series, Sovereign Silk.  You can find it at Amazon,  Barnes and Noble, iBooks Store, or your preferred bookseller.

Book Cover Sovereign Silk By ElizaBeth Gilligan