Pardon My Dust

So you may have noticed some changes around here.  It’s more than a new WordPress theme.

I’d been having problems with my website for the last two weeks.  PHP errors, 500 errors, and 404 errors plagued me. I had been diligently following the web host’s  instructions to fix it.  Nothing seemed to work, except for the one they claimed would fix all my problem.  Upgrade to a virtual private server for more money.

I pointed out, repeatedly, that my traffic levels were low, I hadn’t added any plugins or new content other than text posts.  My site had been stable for over three years. They stood firm.  I needed to upgrade to a virtual private server if I wanted my problems to go away.

I found a different solution. I’ve switched to a new host.

So far the switch is going okay.  I was able to import the text from my blog entries without a problem.  I’m still working on the pictures.  This gives me the excuse needed to redesign my costume gallery.  I’m sure there are a few pesky broken links I will need to root out. I hope to resume regular posts next week.