What I’m Working On – July 2017 Edition

Well, June and most of July was a loss because of illness and the website issues.  So here’s where things stand.

  • Chaos Wolf, Jordan Abbey Novel #1 – Urban fantasy novel. Currently being read by the developmental editor.  Working on the non-story elements it will need (cover, blurb, etc.)
  • Chaos Hunt, Jordan Abbey Novel #2 –  Urban fantasy novel.  Still on hold until Chaos Wolf is complete.
  • Fan Fiction Rewrite – Paranormal romance novel. This is a “new” project.  Taking another pass at stripping out the TV series elements to fit it into a shared novel universe.  Rereading and leaving notes about elements that need to change.
  • Hummingbird –  Short story.  I think I’ve figured out how to fix it.  I haven’t had a chance to actually rewrite it.
  • Lucy Harker, Vampire Hunter –  Urban fantasy novel.  No forward movement on this yet.  Debating on starting over from the beginning to fix several tonal disconnects.
  • Project Fang – Paranormal romance novel.  Co-written with a friend.  Still paused and will be for the foreseeable future due to real life issues.
  • Radiant Shadows – Urban fantasy novel. Co-written with a friend.  Also paused while we figure out a schedule for working and complete an outline.
  • Thin Red Line – Urban fantasy novel. Co-written with a friend. Still plugging away at it.  Once we have the rough draft done, we will begin a rewrite to eliminate the head hopping.