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This is a friendly reminder that this post may contain spoilers for my 2018 Masquerade Costume.  I’m trying not to put in spoilers, but you may be able to piece together what I’m making.  Read at your own risk.

One of the main pieces I have to construct is a poncho in camouflage colors. It is essentially a large rectangle with a neck hole and a hood.  Easy enough design.  The trouble will be making the blotches. There are a lot of yarns pre-patterned in camouflage colors, but they won’t pool the colors in large areas.  That’s yarn-speak for none will create large blotches for the look I want.  So that means I will be using multiple yarns and a pattern. This is where I get creative.

I found a pattern that I like online, except it had a logo in the middle of it.  Etsy is a godsend to crafters. I contacted the creator of the pattern.  She was happy to sell me a copy without the logo.  Pattern in hand, I went to Michaels to purchase yarn.

A lot of people ask me if I use high-end yarns in my costumes.  I would love to.  However, given the yardage required, I have to stick with cheap acrylic I can purchase on sale, usually at Michaels or JoAnns.  I grabbed the yarn colors listed on the pattern and came home.  I looked at my reference picture.  Turns out the pattern is four colors and I picked a six color pattern.  Oops.

Time to dig in and start some design work. I downloaded a four color camouflage pattern online.  I overlaid a grid graphic, so I  now have my pattern.  Another trip to Michaels and I exchanged the yarn for the appropriate colors.

Because of how the grid falls, I decided to crochet it instead of knit.  It will allow me to make changes on the fly much more easily.

Now I’m ready to begin the actual construction.  First I have to finish the second of two baby blankets and a few amigurumi for gifts and things I’ve promised. Then it’s onto the costume.  This time I plan not to be crocheting furiously as a step on stage.

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  1. I’m pretty sure even I can figure this one out! Pancho Gonzales or Clint Eastwood!

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