Con-Volution 2017, or Me and My Big Mouth

I went to Con-Volution last weekend and had fun.

This year I had planned to be an attendee.  No workshops, no Masquerade.  After an emotionally intense few months, I wanted to go and hang out with friends and just be.

Unfortunately, I had to work at my day job until 4:30 PM.  By then the route from the South Bay to San Ramon was its usual tangle of traffic jams, so I didn’t get registered until 6:30. I ran into Fiona Jayde, Chip, and Melissa Snark and had dinner.  Then it was off to the Meet the Guests.

Con-Volution 2017 Masquerade
Photo by David Price

While at the panel, I ran into Phil and Kathy Gust.  They mentioned that due to a technical snafu, they hadn’t received any Masquerade preregistrations.  They weren’t sure if they’d have enough people for the show.  I opened my mouth to say “Gee, that’s horrible.”  What came out was “I brought a hallway costume.  I could go onstage if you can get music.”  My mouth clearly needs to check in with my brain more.

I managed to make it to one panel that evening – “Pounded in the Posterior: Selected Readings from Chuck Tingle.”  I can see this become a tradition at conventions like the readings of “The Eye of Argon.”

Saturday I performed in the Masquerade.  Big thanks to Denise Tanaka for making a Target run for some finishing touches for the costume.  The rest of the evening was spent at parties and hanging out.

Con-Volution 2017 Charity Crochet Porg

Sunday I caught up with fellow fiber fans at the Brunching Needles gathering.  I also attending J. M. Frey’s book release party for City By Night.  Then I went to the Charity Auction.  I managed to keep from bidding on the crochet porg I donated.  I did not manage to stop from bidding on other items.

There are a few other things that happened that I can’t talk about yet, but will soon. It was a fun weekend.