The State of Me

It’s been an interesting beginning to the new year.

For the last few weeks of December, I dropped offline to  finish the developmental edit of Chaos Wolf.  It was my personal goal to have it done by the end of 2017.  I made it, sending it in on December 30th for the copy edit. While that is being done, I’m searching for a proofreader .  It was also a good thing I got it done, which I’ll talk about more later.

I’ve realized I have to get a lot more organized to be able to sustain a writing carreer.  I’m going to be up front.  Unless by some miracle we get some sort of automatic health insurance, I will not be quitting my day job any time soon.  Even if I made as much money writing as I do at my day job, I wouldn’t be able to afford or even buy my own isurance because of the dreaded Preixisting Conditions that I have absolutely no control over.  In order to balance the day job, taking care of mom, and a writing career, I need to mange my time better so I don’t end up burnt out.

Behind the scenes, I’ve got three solo novels in the works, and I’m working with a few people on co-written projects. So I have been calendaring out when I have to have thing done.  A lot of them are the ‘how the sausage gets made’ variety of book publiciation items that most people won’t find interesting. Now I have to start getting the item to-do list done.

Of course as I start getting things in order, I got hit with a bad cold.  I’ve been off work for a week because I lost my voice, and when I could speak, it was between coughs.  It’s given me some time to think and plan, as much as I can through the wool induced by the cough medication.

So what can you look forward to seeing from me this year? So far I have these events scheduled –

  • I will be at FOGCon in March.  I don’t know yet if I will be on any panels, and will update that as I get more information.
  • Chaos Wolf will be released sometime in May.  I will be making an official announcement about that soon, once I nail down a few more things.
  • I will be a guest at BayCon 2018.  More information on that when it is finalized.
  • I will be in the Masquerade in Worldcon 76.

This won’t be everything going on this year. I will alert you here as I get involved with other events.   Or if you prefer to receive news directly to your inbox, you can sign up for my newsletter, which I’ll be getting off the ground soon.  You’ll also get pictures of the Terrible Trio, recommendations for other books, and a little something extra for signing up.