Back from FOGCon

I’m back from FOGCon.

It was a fun event.  This convention is more writing focused than most of the ones I attend.  Chaos Wolf had it’s first reading, which went well.  I was surrounded on the panels I was on by people much smarter than I, which was a very good thing.

To my shock, the Sticking the Landing panel was extremely well attended.  Over thirty people were present, which shocked me because 1) it was the last panel of they day before closing ceremonies, and 2) it was opposite the Guests of Honor reading.  The feedback was positive, and I have already been asked if I’m planning on presenting it again next year.

I did get a chance to spedn some time with Melissa Snark, Eleanor Hughes, and Fiona Jayde, and made new friends.  Cymbal, perched on my shoulder, made even more.  There is an awesome energy that I absorbed the entire time being surrounded by people whose focus was writing, both as authors and readers. While I didn’t get a chance to do any writing, I have come away from it refreshed and ready to dive back in.