Do A Thing!

Never has a comic summed up my feelings so completely.

Last week’s thing was moderating a panel I felt woefully underprepared for. Yesterday’s was pitching blog posts to authors I highly admire.  This week’s will be filling out paperwork and getting my newsletter off the ground. All of these are way outside of my comfort zone. And looking in the future, there are many more things to come.

How do I handle doing a thing?

Right now I talk with people who have done the thing, seeking advice and encouragement. I put them all on to do list that I can access on both my computer and phone.  I will set myself a deadline, watch it whoosh by, set a second, more realistic one, and hit it. I also try not to do too many in one day.  I’m not always successful, but I try to knock at least one a day. This is a good thing because I’m adding at least three things a day.

This whole adventure of publishing a book is a series of me repeatedly leaving my comfort zone and returning. I am learning new skills and how to deal with the feelings of imposter syndrome. Slowly, my comfort zone is expanding.

So if you will excuse me, I have to go do a thing.