Yet More Catch Up

Things have not been as well settled as I thought they were. I did meant to have a post up last week.  I realized only Tuesday night that I completely forgot to.  Oops. 

I’m trying to rework my schedule.  This summer has been a lot busier than I explected it to be.  Mostly because I’ve been helping care for my niecelette. While we’re not in the panic situation with my sister’s health, it is still taking up a good chunk of time after my day job.

So what do I have on my schedule?  At least two novels, two novelas, a short story edit, and an essay. Most of these I want to get out in 2019, so I have to get to work on them.  I also need to start to research my Halloween posts.

In additon to writing, I have a few events I am attending as a fan, an the opening of Green Machine Comics, where I’ll be in costume.. And then there’s WorldCon.  I will be attending and be in the Masquerade.  I’m waiting to see what is on the revised schedule before I announce anything else.

Becuase of all of this, posts here will still be a little erratic.  I’ll be sure to announce anything major here and on my newsletter, and make small updates on my Facebook and Twitter.