My feet are back under me…

… and I’m starting to run. Figuratively speaking of course.

 A lot of August was spent recovering from the personal issues of May/June/July.  Things have finally settled in my personal life and I can look at the future without panicking.

With the end of Worldcon, it’s the end of con season for me.  I will be attending a few local events, but mostly to scope them out for future attending as a professional.  Unless I’m asked as a guest unexpectedly, I’m done until FOGCon in March 2019.

I’m attempting to be realistic about where I am in my career at the moment.  Someone asked me earlier if I would be getting a table at future events to start selling.  Right now with one book out,  it’s really not worth the time and effort it would take.  It’s a goal for the future, but it will be a few years away. Ditto audiobooks, for the few people who have asked.

So how to I get where I want to be in a few years? The obvious way.  Write more things. What do I have in mind in no particular order?

  • Chaos Kin, A Jordan Abbey Novel (Urban Fantasy) – the sequel to Chaos Wolf
  • Chaos Hunt, A Jordan Abbey Novel (Urban Fantasy) – the sequel to Chaos Kin
  • Chaos Wolf Short Story (Urban Fantasy) – this is a short story, possibly a novelette that will be the replacing the current give away for joining my mailing list
  • Lucy Harker, Vampire Hunter (Urban Fantasy) – I’ve got this one mostly outlined and partially written.  I need to fix a few issues and make some changes.
  • Skin Deep (Paranormal Romance) – The plot is undergoing yet another evolution.  I think I’ve nailed it down this time.
  • Unnamed Flash Fiction (Science Fiction) – Haven’t looked at it in over a year, and need to squeeze it in.

These aren’t the only project I’m working on.  I have about a half dozen novels that aren’t ready for the public discussion phase and another dozen short story ideas I need to hammer out. When will you see them? I’m not sure.  You see, I know the person who is setting the deadlines for these, and she’s full of shit. At the earliest, the first of them should be out mid 2019.

So excuse me while I go crack my knucles and start typing.