NaNoWriMo Writeup

November was a crazy, successful month.

I ended up writing a total of 50,456 words total on Chaos Hunt.  About 40,000 of them are actually reusable due to rewrites on the fly.  My policy is if I wrote it, it counts, even if I had to go back and rewrite from another point of view.  For the most part I made word count every day, and wrote something every day through verification on the 28th.  I wrote a little on the 29th and 30th, but forgot to update the site.

So when will you see Chaos Hunt?  Not for a while I’m afraid.  I didn’t write the entire novel, only about half of it.  Then I will need to go back and do a few rounds of edits.  I’m hoping to have it out late 2019, but it may be later.  

Also found out I’m having a technical glitch with my blog talking to my Facebook Page.  Despite changes made recently, blog pages are still supposed to be able to post to a Facebook Page.  Mine isn’t for some reason, so the sale for Chaos Wolf never was announced at Facebook.  Because of that, I am extending the sale through December 8, 2018. So go get your copy if you already haven’t.