2018 In Review

Normally I do a post about what my goals were for this year, based on something I posted at the beginning. Apparently at the beginning of the year, I was so busy with the edits for Chaos Wolf that I didn’t write one. Oops. So I decided that I’d go over all the accomplishments I made and some I attempted this year, even if I didn’t publicly state them.

  • Participated in programming in three conventions
  • Published Chaos Wolf
  • Guest posted on two blogs of authors whom I respect
  • Read 39 of 45 books (as of this date). I may get one or two more read before the deadline. Better luck next year.
  • Wrote over 40,000 words on Chaos Hunt
  • Performed a reading and a signing at Worldcon 76 (and the Masquerade
  • Written about 20,000 words on a co-written project to be announced in the future
  • Won NaNoWriMo

I always have mixed feelings about posting this information, because I never feel like I have done enough. For every item I list, I have three in the background that I haven’t accomplished – Lucy Harker, Skin Deep, and a few things I had to drop spring to mind. But looking back, I did do a lot for a newbie author with her first book. And according to the spreadsheet I keep, I’ve written about new 84,500 words. I didn’t track editing, so the number is much higher.

So what’s on the slate for 2019? You’ll find out in next week’s post.