Where To Find Me

I’m back!

This post is a little late, mostly because I’ve been busy and waiting for some things to be finalized. I’ll be at the following cons this year, but  I won’t be a guest at them. I’m more than willing to meet up with people for lunch or a chat.  I’ll post a quick reminder before any event I’m attending.

Full events I am attending: 

  • March 8 – 10: FOGCon (Walnut Creek, CA) – Short notices, I know, but I will be at the event and will also be at the Unawards Luncheon.
  • May 24 – 27: BayCon (San Mateo, CA) – I will be judging the Masquerade. Although I’m not in the competition this year, I’ll also have something yarn-based to show off while I’m on stage.
  • August 16 – 18: Silicon Valley Comic Con (San Jose, CA) – Current plan is to wander the floor, talk with people, and get my geek on.  I’m also scoping it out for a table in the future, but I’m not at that point  in my career quite yet.

Attending one day of the event:

Know of a local event I should check out? Want me to be a guest at your convention? Or just want to meet up?  Drop me a message and we’ll figure out something.