BayCon 2019

Just when I think things are calming down, real life has an ugly way of slapping me in the face. I’ve been busy taking care of other things before I could return my attention to my blog. (In fact, as I was writing this, I was called away to deal with a small family emergency. Everyone’s okay.) So here’s my belated post about BayCon.

It was a fun convention, but I’m biased towards it since I do consider it my home con. I had only been there for five minutes when I was I spent a lot of time in the dealer’s room helping cover Steve Mix’s Green Machine Comics table and Marjorie Jone’s table. During the event. I also covered Rose Red Readings table for all of ten minutes, leading to grandiose visions of taking over the dealer’s room one table at a time. Insert maniacal laugh here.

Like I had posted before, I was there, but I wasn’t on the panels.  Instead I attended many of them. Panels like The Delphic Oracle, She Said/She Said, Hitting The High Points, Altered Beast, Kaiju Then And Now.  And of course the Masquerade.

This year I was one of the judges for the Masquerade, specifically stage presentation.  And I was also on stage in Exhibition Class.  Basically I made the costume to show off, but not to be judged at BayCon.  Or so I thought until Durelle Kurlinski, the other person in the Exhibition Class, and I were called to the stage. It was put to audience not, and the audience chose a tie.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of me and ‘Rellie on stage together, but trust me, her costume was wonderful.  Photos taken by David Price. 

So now I’m trying to settle down as much as possible, despite the crazy things that keep popping up. The first draft of Chaos Hunt is now about half way written, and that will be my primary focus so I can have it out next year.