Goals for 2020

If you’ve read my blog around the New Year before, you know that I don’t make resolutions. I make goals. Some years I do well by them. 2019 was not one of those years. I don’t think I hit a single one, due to overambition and time management failure. So with those in mind, here’s what I’m setting as goals for 2020. In no particular order, they are
  • Publish Chaos Hunt in second half of 2020 – I’m suffering from sequel-itis as I’m writing. I think I finally got a handle on it. Plus I keep reminding myself that Chaos Wolf took five years to write. I’ve only been working on Chaos Hunt for two, so I’m ahead of the game.
  • Write up a personal wiki for the Jordan Abbey Series – I thought I could keep it in my head. I was wrong.
  • Outline Chaos Kin – I have to do this once I’ve finished Chaos Hunt. While I have a general idea of where the book will go, I know I need to play with some new elements.
  • Rework Lucy Harker, Vampire Hunter – While the outline is solid, the manuscript is a hot mess. I need to make a decision about which way I’m taking it and start over.
  • Watch Writing Classes – I have several classes that I have purchased over the last two years I need to watch.
  • Posting on my blog regularly – I fell out of my pattern in 2019, and I want to try to re-establish a pattern this year. I’m not sure if it’s going to be weekly or if I’m going to modify it.
  • Make a dent in my media-to-consume list – I’m working the equivalent of three jobs – day job that pays the bills, caretaker for my family, and writer. That doesn’t leave much spare time. While I can listen to ebooks at the day job, I’ve fallen way behind in watching video based media. Part of why I fell behind is that I burned out and needed to refill the creative well. I’m going to schedule in time to keep it from happening again.
It still feels like a lot. I know that I won’t accomplish it all. But I’m going to do the most that I can.

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  1. Loved the baby blanket…I bought the wool and the pattern six months ago and realized when I got it that it is beyond my ability so the wool sits. I plan to attempt a pink pussy hat and scarf with the wool and then maybe give the rest to the building knitting club. I really loved that blanket pattern in the Mary Maxim catalogue…I got sucked into a fantasy…sigh. I was thinking of my hindsight wish list. I wish I really really learned to play chess, mahjong, piano, cards or write a book. I would like to be better at knitting and crocheting but I lack the patience. Like learning to drive a stick…I tested everything and in each case realized that, yes, I could learn if I applied myself but could not be bothered. Chess, mahjong, cards required people in my life which I didn’t have. I was really good at Trivial Pursuit but never had anyone to play with. No New Years resolutions…the only one ever would be dieting and this year I cannot be bothered with that one.

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