BayCon 2022 Schedule

When I received my schedule for BayCon, I started squeeing and haven’t really stopped.  It’s a tempered squee.  There is still a chance that I will not be able to attend.  If that is the case, books will be available through the Liminal Fiction table.  Drop me an email and I will send you a customized bookplate. If you don’t attend, and still want a bookplate, feel free to reach out.

But that might be borrowing gloom and doom.  Assuming I am going, here’s where you can find me. Subject to update, so always check the official schedule.

Writing A Book – The Sequel

4:00 PM, Friday 1 Jul 2022 

Synergy 4

You’ve done it. You’ve written your first book! It’s been published! And now you have to do it all over again. How do you avoid the dreaded fears of the sophomore book? If it’s a sequel, how do you make sure that it remains in line with what you established the first? Is a series bible absolutely necessary? And if so, how do you go about compiling one? 

Liminal Fiction Table 

6:00 PM Friday 1 Jul 2022

Dealer’s Room

A Book By Its Cover

11:30 AM, Saturday 2 Jul 2022 

Synergy 1 

 A discussion about the importance of cover art for books and the collaboration between author and artist.

Liminal Fiction Table 

1:00 PM Friday 2 Jul 2022

Dealer’s Room

Costuming with “Nontraditonal” Materials

2:30 PM, Saturday 2 Jul 2022

Connect 1

Costumers and cosplayers are known for creating costumes out of anything. Fabric, foam, plastic, paper, and yarn are just the tip of the iceberg. Nothing is off-limits if you are creative enough. Listen to us talk about the things we’ve used to create our costumes.

Liminal Fiction Table 

10:00 AM Friday 3 Jul 2022

Dealer’s Room

The Critique Circle Killers

1:00 PM, Sunday 3 Jul 2022 

Connect 1

Writers are often pushed to join a critique circle, to develop their writing and get the feedback that will help them improve their stories. Sometimes, this backfires. What does it take to make a critique circle the positive, constructive environment it needs to be? Panelists will share tips for choosing critique partners, pathways to escape a less-ideal relationship, and guidelines for effective, helpful critique.

Readings – Sheryl Hayes and R.L. Merrill

Synergy 4

4:00 PM, Sunday 3 Jul 2022 

Come listen to authors reading from their works.


8:30 PM, Sunday 3 Jul 2022 

Convene 1

Come see the awesome costumes and cosplayers! I plan to have a little something to wear just for fun.

Liminal Fiction Table 

10:00 AM Friday 4 Jul 2022

Dealer’s Room

How Would You Superhero This Up?

1:00 PM, Monday 4 Jul 2022


The panelists are superheroes. They declare their name, and powers at the beginning of the panel and then the audience gives them scenarios to defeat using their powers and abilities that they’ve already listed. Bonus points for stumping the heroes.