Happy Holidailies – Dec. 7, 2022

Prompt: Tell us a story behind that thing hanging on your wall over there.

It’s a colorized picture of the farm my grandmother was born on. Inside the oval wooden frame is a photo of a small farmhouse, white with a gray roof opposite a small grove of trees. Clouds fill the sky above them. I think my grandmother had it blown up from the original black and white and colorized by hand. So it looks more like a painting than a photograph. Unfortunately, when I’m writing this, it’s too dark to take a good picture of it.

The farmhouse doesn’t exist any longer, but I have been to where it once stood. The farm is long out of my family’s ownership, but there is a cemetery next to it that my great-great-grandfather donated the land for.

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  1. My aunt and uncle, a pair of old farmers, had a picture of their farm house that was colored by hand like that. So I guess that was a thing back in the day! After they retired they purchased a large aerial photo of the whole farm.

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