Happy Holidailies – Dec. 19, 2022

No official prompt – What’s the most unusual you’ve received?

So far this year’s contender is a truffle D20.  Which, of course, arrived without telling me who was the gifter. There was no packing list and it was shipped directly from the manufacturer. Fortunately, my pool of suspects was relatively small, so I figured it out quickly.

Overall, I knew my grandfather for giving cash in unusual ways at birthdays and Christmas. The one I remember the most was a hollow plastic Tyrannosaurus Rex. He rolled up ten one-dollar-bills, tied it to a ribbon and then tied the ribbon to a piece of felt he cut to look like a tongue.The idea was I had to pull out the tongue to get the money.  And any time my fingers would get within an inch of that tongue, someone would growl, causing me to jump.

In my defense, I was about seven at the time.